We are always interested in buying of:

Glashütter Watches, Chronometer and Precision Pendulum Clocks of the following Manufacturers:
A. Lange & Söhne, Union, Julius Assmann, Moritz Grossmann,
Paul Stübner, Fridolin Stübner, Adolf Schneider,
Gustav Gerstenberger, Richard Gläser, Ernst Kasiske, School-watches etc.

Also watches of other German Manufacturer like Johann Heinrich Kessels,
Theodor Knoblich, Friedrich Moritz Krille, Kittel, Christian Friedrich Tiede,
Johann Heinrich Seyffert, Johann Friedrich Schumann, Christian Friedrich Gutkaes,
Firma Löbner
Berlin, Riefler etc.

And we are interested in pocket-watches, Chronometer and Precision Pendulum Clocks of Switzerland and

Especially we are searching all things about Strasser & Rohde:
Precision Pendulum Clocks, Half-second-pendulum-clocks and tierce counter,
slave clock, Chronometer, documents and prospects etc.
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