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  • Dornblüth

    The Company Dornblüth & Sohn in Kalbe an der Milde has specialized in manufacturing unique mechanical watches in filligree manual work and with high quality and innovative materials.

    In the traditon of the old masters and through manual work without computer-controlled machines, the parts of the movement are almost exclusively made and finished by hand before the heart of the Dornblüth watch begins to beat from the sum of the parts.

    If you are interested in a watch from Dornblüth, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Davosa

    The company DAVOSA International, Herford, which has its origins in Switzerland, builds watches for people who are fascinated by watches, with a lot of know-how and just as much enthusiasm. This is the philosophy that watch enthusiasts around the world - rightly - rely on.

    The "Swiss Made" seal, high-quality components and strict quality controls ensure that the inner and outer values of a DAVOSA will bring joy for a long time. Constistency is one of their company values.

    We have a small selection of DAVOSA watches in our shop and are happy to represent them to you. But you also can order a DAVOSA watch from us.



  • Aristo

    The company ARISTO Vollmer GmbH in Pforzheim has developed into a watchmaking company for high-quality crafted watch editions.

    We offer you mechanical Flight-watches, Chronographs and Vintage models from ARISTO, as well as the classic models form the traditional company ARISTO.
    We have a small seletion in our shop. We would be happy to represent them to you.

    You also can order an ARISTO watch from us.


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