Löhdefink Precision-Second-Pendulum-clock

Löhdefink Precision-Second-Pendulum-clock


Dietrich Andreas Löhdefink

Case: pyramid mahaghoni, three-sides-glases
double back-side for, for pullies, covered-going winding-weight
silver-plated dial with lowered dial-middle, gold-plated lunette
gold-plated Breguet-form-hands, central second
heavy and very high quality brass-plate-movement with
Anchor and anchor-wheel with jewels, anchor bearing on carriage
fine adjustable
Anchor with jewel-pallets, behind the plate a lying escape-wheel with broadened and
in the middle cutted crockets to get a better oil management
very heavy 9-compensation-pendulum with bimetal-thermometer in pendulum lens

Dietrich Andreas Löhdefink showed this clock at the Kindom’s Trade Show in Hannover in 1834-35. The evaluation committee expressed great praise for this clock and regretted not being able to award this work because it was largely done by Löhdefink during his stay in
Paris. (This is also recorded on the inside of the roller wheel: made by Dietrich Andreas Löhdefink in Paris in 1830, completed by him in Hannover in 1834).

Extremely rare, German precision pendulum clock in the finest quality!